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Germany is known for excellent engineering and outstanding products. MADE IN GERMANY was and still is a world trademark.

Particular high energy cost have led to many innovations, advanced develop products and technologies in the sectors energy efficiency, renewable energy and the building industry. Some are years ahead of other markets in the world. German

Our mission: German engineering “BEST IN CLASS” products made in North America.

Many Companies have already doing exact this for many year. If we just look at a couple examples from the Automotive Industry with BMW manufacturing German engineered X5 and X6 in Spartanburg or Mercedes-Benz the M and the R Class in Tuscaloosa Alabama.

SIGA Technology is a B2B partner to small and mid-sized entrepreneurial businesses. We facilitating access to the North American market as well as poviding access to the Germany market.

Let us know how we can help you introduce your product and services into a new market.

Lynda Resnick interviews Jan Hoetzel to learn more about the Lego-Style HIB-System. Lydnda's Blog

Easy-to-Implement Master Controland Monitoring Systems
By Jan Hoetzel,

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